Triplespot blenny
Crossosalarias macrospilus
White-lined blenny
Ecsenius pictus
Three-Lined Blenny
Ecsenius trilineatus
Blenny - Ecsenius sp.
Striped poison-fang blenny
Meiacanthus grammistes
False cleanerfish
Aspidontus taeniatus
Bluestriped fangblenny
Plagiotremus rhinorhynchus
Fang blenny
Plagiotremus tapeinosoma
Mandarinfish - Synchiropus splendidus
Bigmouth Triplefin
Helcogramma sp.
Bigmouth Triplefin
Helcogramma sp.
Striped triplefin
Helcogramma striata
Whip goby - Bryaninops yongei
Blue-streak / Blueband goby
Valenciennea strigata
Spotted prawn goby
Amblyeleotris guttata
Fire Dartfish / Red fire goby
Nemateleotris magnifica
Twinspot goby
Signigobius biocellatus
Shrimp goby
Amblyeleotris diagonalis
Shrimp goby
Amblyeleotris latifasciata
Shrimp goby
Amblyeleotris latifasciata
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