Whale shark - Rhincodon typus

Wolf island - Galapagos

Whale shark Rhincodon typus is the largest fish in the sea and one of the largest animals on this planet. These giants can grow up to 14-18 meters long. They are plankton feeders and are harmless to humans.
I have been scuba diving since 1999 and for the first five years have not come close to any of these illusive creatures. I have traveled to many places in Asia famous for whale shark encounters, but I have not seen even a shadow of one... that is before I discovered Donsol...
Another great place to see whale sharks is near Darwin, the northern most island of Galapagos. I spent two weeks diving in Galapagos onboard the MV Deep Blue. I stayed 6 days on Darwin island and made 20 dives. Total number of interactions was above thirty. Only on two dives did I not see a whale shark. Darwin arch is also home for some of the largest permanent gathering of scallop hammerhead sharks. They are literally everywhere any time of the day. Other common species are silky and Galapagos sharks. I was lucky to see a huge school (two/three hundred) of silky sharks. I was happy to discover that sharks were still abundant in some places.
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